Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back in Action

This is the view from my office building (above). Below is my house... The picture on the top right (with the mural) is "The Executive Office Building (EOB)" where I work. The ocean picture to the right is my drive to work. Finally, the sunset picture is the golf course... we play every Friday afternoon for $3.00 for 9 holes. We usually make it through 7 holes before it gets dark.

7/2/08: So I left work today at 6:50 p.m. and it was dark. I freaked out (at first) because the parking lot was really, really, really, dark. No streetlights to guide me to my car. Just darkness. And then I saw the light: in the 2 + months that I have been working in American Samoa, I have never left work when it was dark out. I suddenly had the realization that in Colorado, I rarely left work when it was light out... in fact, I was usually shocked if it was light out when I left work. This is why life in American Samoa is pretty awesome. So, for those of you who keep asking me if it was a good decision for me to move here, the answer is: Yes, this place keeps finding a way to leave the light on for me.

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