Thursday, July 10, 2008

Leai DH: Ode to Colorado

Colorado Haiku:
Statuesque summits
Vibrant colors embrace her
Witness the wonder

D.H. isn't in Kansas anymore. I dedicate this post to him. He likes to pretend that Kansas (above) is way cooler than Colorado. He's apparently been hit by too many twisters.
Leai D.H., Leai. (For the non-Samoan, "leai"="no," pronounced "lay-I" it's a very fun word.)

Lights of Larimer Square in Downtown Denver
The crazy, fiery sunsets atop glorious mountains.
Friends gathering at 11, 180 feet for hut trips... normally incredible backcountry skiing and snowboarding. CO's highest point: Mt. Elbert, 14, 440 feet (I've been to the top)... Kansas' highest point: Mt. Sunflower, 4,039 feet... yup-- there's more than 10,000 vertical feet of beauty in that one mountain alone.
Ah, the Rocky Mountains...

The many, many, many, many wonderful hiking trails... and people who actually like to hike.
Vail ski resort...
The Gore Range
Boulder, Colorado...
Estes Park, CO... where the lovely A.M. and I bond with the background of Rocky Mountain National Park...

Leai DH... let's leave CO out of it from now on. I have a sneaky suspicion that we may want to have a reunion in a ski condo somewhere, well, not in Kansas...

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stadtler said...

Ahhem. In Doug's defense, Kansas does have this over Co.