Monday, July 7, 2008

Photos, Photos, Photos...

This is my street... what you see at the end of the road is water. It is the Pala Lagoon and very polluted, so I wouldn't swim in it, but it is still nice to know that I have a view of the water. I did kayak in the water last weekend, and a sea turtle popped up next to the kayak... pretty wonderful! These are the Birds of Paradise plants right outside my carport... notice the giant snail and its beautiful shell.
Here is another great shot of the cliffs behind Matt's house... you can get a sense for the topography of the island as well from this view, and hopefully begin to understand why swimming is somewhat death-defying at this location.
This is one of the lovely palm tree lined beaches on a more remote part of the island.

This is another shot of the spectacular cliffs behind Matt's house... for the Fourth of July we watched the waves crash on the rocks and it was our substitute for fireworks.

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