Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh the places you'll go, the places I've been...

So American Samoa is a place where there are literally deserted islands with the "one palm tree" (and I actually kayaked to one this past weekend). The picture with the kids jumping off was taken on the North side of the island the first weekend I was here. The Lava Rock photo is actually a photo of some steam rising off of some amazing cliffs behind our friend Matt's house.

The picture (with what looks like a mini island with 4 palm trees on top) is actually a beach in front of our friends' house. Our "friend" is the CEO of the power company and he is: 31 years old. Yup-- I'm going after his job when he leaves :) Just kidding Mike-- no need to worry. I LOVE the AG's office, couldn't "tear" me away.

The mountainous photo is literally my backyard... the tallest peak of American Samoa, Matafao (abt. 2600 feet above sea level). Lions Park, where I live, is right next to the Correctional Facility and the airport-- but the view of the mountains is nice, no doubt.

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