Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weddings and Cute Kids

Our friend (and Assistant AG) Moi, got married... the beach above is what is in back of where they actually said their vows.
The beautiful wedding party...
They wear matching outfits in American Samoa to weddings-- we all got into it!
Cliff's head, Fred, Polu (the bride), and Weave...
The guys: From top left: Fred, Nate, Weave, Aaron, Alden, Ben
On a different day, these two gorgeous men knocked on my door to show off their new martial arts talents. These are Cliff's and Julia's kids-- we love them! They are hilarious and probably the greatest people on the island.
I mean, look at that face: precious killer or what?
This is Melissa (one of the Assistant P.D.'s) and her gorgeous daughter Syriana-- I get credit for babysitting and teaching her how to high-five in one night!
More wedding-- Nate on the left, Best man-- my lovely Puletasi-- traditional woman's clothing here... and Moi, the Groom
The beautiful reception area overlooking the ocean cliffs....
Destination Wedding anyone? Cori?

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